Welcome to The Scottish Segway® Centre – the home of Segway adventure in Scotland!

We operate in two special locations in Scotland.  One is in Central Scotland at the incredible Falkirk Wheel and the other, on the majestic West Coast at Glencoe. Both sites are truly breathtaking and provide wonderful terrain for the best Segway experiences in the UK!

Segway is a wonderful family activity and something that all generations can enjoy together. There are few other things to do that give delight to children, parents and grandparents alike – and all at the same time, too!

Segways are self-balancing and gentle: the rider needs no skill or experience. In fact, the less you think about it, the quicker you get the hang of the incredible magic carpet experience! We teach ‘000s of people a year to Segway, and love to get “gliders” up and moving in minutes. Our guides are friendly, relaxed and skilled. They also know the best routes and the secret paths, so you will get the most out of your Segway Experience.

Our ‘top-of-the-range” Segways are designed for off-road terrain, so are well equipped for the rough and challenging opportunities available at our sites in Scotland: if you want adventure, let us know!

Age restriction – Too young? Being able to ride a Segway is actually a weight thing – the Segway needs to pick up slight changes in body weight via its footpad, in order to get instructions. Children under 45kg will find this a challenge. That’s about 7 years old.

If in doubt, then come along and see how your child gets on. At the end of the day, it’s the guides decision (we operate on hilly terrain, and if the child can’t use weight to stop the segway, that could be a problem!).

Age restriction – Too old? Never!

Weight restriction – Too heavy? The maximum load on a Segway is 175kg.